About Us

Who Are We?
  • Aquinas Consulting is a specialty firm that provides Engineering, Information Technology (IT) and Manufacturing staffing solutions.
  • As an organization, Aquinas is known for filling the most difficult positions in both IT and engineering. We know our clients and we provide candidates that match their needs.
  • Aquinas Consulting currently supports customers throughout the US who require personnel that meet strict government guidelines.
  • Founded in 2000, Aquinas has a national presence and is headquartered in Milford, Connecticut.

Mission Statement

At Aquinas, our focus is on the long-term success of our clients, hiring managers and our consultants. Our internal and external relationships are based on mutual respect and honest communication. The Aquinas team is one of high character and integrity and we are committed to the success of our clients.

Our Core Values

The Aquinas Way

  • We know our customers and we provide candidates that match their needs.
  • We act in a highly ethical manner.
  • We have a long-term view.
  • We value relationships.
  • We act with integrity and we are respectful of others.
  • Service
    • Service to clients
    • Service to candidates
    • Service to coworkers
  • We bring passion to the workplace every day.
  • We understand what we do is important.
  • We are motivated to win.

We value

  • Respect and loyalty
  • Results, not just hard work
  • Productivity, not just long hours

Organizational Values

  • We know our customers and we provide candidates that match their needs
  • We understand our candidates’ skills and capabilities. We present candidates in a manner that gives them the best chance possible to get the job.
  • We are called to serve. We provide exceptional service to clients, candidates, and coworkers. We support our community.
  • We hire driven individuals with strong character and integrity
  • We have a long-term view.
  • We work and act strategically.
  • We value relationships. Everyone sells, everyone recruits.

Professional Courtesy

  • We show teammates professional courtesy.
  • We make other recruiters aware if we believe one of their candidates fits an opening we are working on.
  • We make other sales people aware of activity within their accounts.
  • We seek out and share intelligence to help teammates.
  • We don’t poach candidates or clients.

Management Values

  • We don’t ask someone to do something we would not do ourselves.
  • We see the good in people, and help everyone on the team achieve success.
  • We focus on results – there is no micromanagement at Aquinas.
  • We are flexible in working with team members to help meet their needs.
  • We inspect what we expect.
  • We offer a work-life balance that allows people to be successful in their home lives and careers.
  • We want to be the employer of choice.