Aquinas Differentiators

Why Aquinas?

  • Obtain expert-level IT knowledge from our team of more than 30 US-based recruitment professionals with access to a specialized candidate database.
  • Aquinas is a company with a strong background in the defense and aerospace industries.
  • Our team develops and maintains relationships with IT and engineering professionals, thus creating pipelines of quality candidates.
  • Our AI platform enables the recruitment team to identify IT and engineering candidates from 40+ sourcing channels.
  • The Aquinas recruiting team hunts for the “Passive Candidates” vs.  the “post and pray” strategy of many other firms.
  • Remain competitive with our flexible sourcing model.
  • Our sourcing program stands alone yet easily imports to your VMS requirements in the future.
  • 96% of our US-based technical professionals are W2 employees of Aquinas, which allows for a seamless process if you want to hire them permanently.
  • Aquinas offers a full range of benefits that help us retain our consultants’ long term.
  • Unlike many of our competitors, Aquinas offers our consultants are eligible for such benefits as 401k, health insurance and paid time off.
  • Financially sound – established in 2000 the company experienced revenue growth in 18 of the last 20 years.


  • Aquinas is a different kind of company, with a completely different business model. Many of our competitor’s employ recruiters that we would consider “unqualified” to do the job. They use a model of employing young people right out of school that know little about the utility industry, functional job requirements or technology. While other firms hire trainees to become recruiters, Aquinas hires technology and functional experts to join our organization.
  • Most of our recruiters started their careers as engineers, IT professionals, HR managers or Finance professionals. They are then trained by our experienced recruiting team in state-of-the-art recruiting techniques. These techniques coupled with the industry knowledge and expertise of our team members allows the Aquinas team to identify individuals with hard to find technical skills, and evaluate the depth of these skills.
  • We make the hiring managers job easier by only sending over qualified candidates. Aquinas is able to work effectively by only spending time with the select candidates that have the ability to do the job; and we refer to our clients only the candidates that are truly qualified to do the job.
  • Our ability to know the local market, and the local candidate pool and to maintain contact with qualified individuals over a long period of time will provide a huge competitive advantage for our clients.
  • Aquinas has made a reputation in the industry by filling the jobs other firms can’t fill. While other firms work new openings for a short time period and move on, Aquinas has the staffing levels needed to continue to work on difficult jobs long term.
  • Our AI recruitment stack helps Aquinas on our far-reaching national searches, and we have the expertise needed to conduct all searches. Our track record of success speaks for itself as companies continue to ask us to support them in additional states because we have proven we can fill there difficult to fill openings when their current suppliers can’t.