• Everyone who works at Aquinas shares in our Core Principles by having: Strong Values, Common Beliefs, a Winning Attitude, and a clear understanding of our Purpose. Our core principles are the foundation of our company and they guide our organization by treating each employee with the respect, compassion; and we live this by how we treat each other on a daily basis.
  • Our goals will all be met in the short term and in the long term if everyone will “walk the walk”– All employees should focus on people and values, as well as, focus on how people should be treated.
  • Culture is made of people.
  • Our Leaders and our employees all understand the importance for all of us at Aquinas to “Walk the Walk.” All of the employees believe in our core values, and everyone lives by these core values on a daily basis; and we treat our co-workers the way you would want to be treated.
  • At Aquinas, we give our employees the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.